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Editor’s Letter

April 5, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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The month of April feels like a reward for making it through winter. Sure, it’s a quirky month, but the likelihood is that we won’t be plunged into an extended Arctic chill. In other words, it may be changeable, but April is all about progress.

Unless you’re exclusively an ice boater, the factors that matter grow closer once April arrives: Summer, boating season, stretches of daylight, warmer sunshine, and time spent comfortably outdoors. Smiles will become larger, laughs increase, shoulders drop lower — the same direction as stress levels.

Considering all that, April is pretty marvelous. Yet because it is merely a gateway month for most boaters, it’s an ideal month to cross all the ts and dot all the is on our boating to-do lists. We can get a no-cost, no-risk vessel safety check, acquire the best boat insurance policy, prep the boat with an eye towards the environment, and have the right equipment aboard. Then we’ll move onto the fun stuff, such as planning destinations, docking and dining, and deciding who to invite aboard.

We’re introducing a new regular feature this month: Wellness. We’ve said goodbye to Style as a recurring feature, but promise to share tips for looking better from time to time. In Wellness we’ll focus on feeling our best and avoiding ailments and disorders that keep us off the boat. We’re all works in progress that can turn out to be even better — just as April ushers us into an awesome boating season!

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