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Editor’s Letter

June 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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There’s something about June that makes it unique. It’s a busy month filled with too many obligations for this boater’s taste, but those obligations are mostly celebratory — such as honoring fathers and other men we love, and Flag Day. Many June events are also about new adventures — graduations, weddings, and the launch of summer.

There’s a new world waiting for graduates and wedded couples, and there’s a new chapter for boaters, too. Despite summer’s swiftness, this is a season that soars for another reason. We’re not encumbered in summer as we are in other months. We don’t need boots, gloves, scarves, and hats to keep us warm. The sun does all the heavy lifting as we wear as few clothes as modesty allows. We don’t have school deadlines, after-school programs, fundraisers, and recitals. Instead, we have months of fun places to go and exciting things to do on our boat — and if we don’t get somewhere at a certain time, or decide to just drop anchor and bob about, who cares?

Our days don’t feel like they end too early anymore; the sun sets so late that it’s as if all our adventures are extended. And have you noticed how Mother Nature trots out her most succulent fruits and mouthwatering vegetables about now? Whether dining aboard or at a waterside restaurant, meals taste brighter and lighter.

Is June a perfect month? Of course not — it only lasts 30 days!

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