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Editors Letter

May 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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Hello, May! I’m an unabashed fan, and I’d really like to tell you why.

Though you treat me a bit coldly some days, you’ve got a warmth about you I find appealing. You’re full of celebrations such as May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Armed Forces Day. You devote one of your 31 precious days to moms and other women who nurture us, and then you top it all off by throwing a three-day weekend!

Of course, we honor the memories of those who’ve sacrificed for the USA, but after proper reflection, we can’t help but raise our sails or start our engines. Sure, some of us have been out on the water for a while, and others have just discovered that last season’s “little issue” with the hull (bilge, mast, head, you name it) is now a bigger thing. But for many of us, May is when the lure that pulled us through winter and early spring finally yields the big prize — boating season. The sea calls to us and now we can finally answer, “Here we are!”

We’re with you in spirit and in actuality now that May has arrived. Enjoy our boat trips and dining destinations, employ our tips to be safer boaters, and say Ahoy to us as we pass each other on the water. My, my, May, you’re a joy!

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