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Docking and Dining Tips

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Why stop boating when you get hungry? It’s so enjoyable to dock near a restaurant and stroll in for a meal. Though stress-free waterside dining is basically a combination of boating know-how and common courtesy, we’ve compiled the dos and don’ts to know before you go.


  • Check the latest navigational charts for the best route and confirm low water depths along the route and all the way to the restaurant’s dock.
  • Call to confirm that the restaurant can accommodate your boat’s length and beam. If you’ll be arriving with other boats, make sure there are enough slips.
  • If someone aboard has limited mobility, verify he or she can gain access to the dining area without climbing a ladder or encountering a steep ramp at low tide.
  • Ask if the restaurant has a dockhand if you’ll need help tying up.
  • Avoid surprises — ask if there’s a fee and/or time limit at the restaurant or a nearby municipal dock or marina.
  • Whenever possible, make a reservation for both the table and the dock.


  • Wait for a slip to open by blocking other thru-traffic (instead, find a place to drop anchor or temporarily tie up).
  • Leave your boat at the restaurant’s dock to explore the sights unless you’ve made prior arrangements.
  • Make reservations near dusk unless you’re comfortable with navigating home in the dark.
  • Drink alcohol if you’re the captain or crew. Passengers need to stay sharp, too!

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